Utilitec Business Solutions

Utilitec Business Solutions operates as a multidisciplinary systems company close to its clients in very divergent market segments and positioned as an all-round technical service and solutions provider. Quality, flexibility, availability, dedication and customer-orientation are our top priorities. We achieve all that by working with quality assurance systems for planning, safety, security, sustainability and the environment based on ISO 9001 (2016)/VCA**/BREEAM/BIM.

An integral approach, added value, integrated systems and solutions are communicated with the client in a professional manner and completed to plan. Continuity and sustainability no matter what the circumstances is an experience for both parties with the goal being a long-term relationship, thus a win-win situation. Taking the maximum possible load off the client’s hands in the area of technical service delivery. Now and in the future.

Project approach

Your project will be handled in an integral approach and accompanied from quotation to delivery by your firm point of contact, the project manager. Partly thanks to our network of offices and nationwide coverage, the project manager organises the quotations, the contract, the financial and system progress planning, always in cooperation with the operations office. So there is always continuous reporting available concerning the status of your project and you define whether that reporting covers the financial, materials, personnel or quality assurance aspects.

Confidence and continuity in the installation process are therefore assured. Our versatile specialists in systems technology take your wishes and needs into account at all times, and in doing so apply a functional approach coupled with expertise in:

  • Customized solutions and concepts.
  • Quality assurance based on Dekra (Kema) ISO 9001, Tüv VCA**, CVT, BMI, BREEAM and Revit-BIM

Core business

The people behind the Utilitec Business Solutions organization analyse, implement and manage your technical systems across the entire breadth of the user market, thus an integrator of perfect systems and services for building installations and systems that satisfy the national and international standards and regulations.

Solutions for:
Light, power and back-up power systems
Air conditioning systems
Sanitary systems
ICT and network solutions
Security systems
Data center solutions
Service and maintenance 24/7

Office and commercial buildings
Hotels and restaurants
Healthcare facilities and schools
Data centers and computer rooms

Data and telecom providers
Banking and insurance industry
Project developers and building contractors
Government organisations